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With our online booking portal you can book face to face appointments and remote video consultations. For appointments available today please contact the clinic directly on 01843 867195 or info@MomentumHealthcare.co.uk

When booking a face-to-face appointment we will email you a confirmation with all the necessary information pertaining to your appointment. Please be aware we will also email you a direct message to complete a pre-treatment screening form. If you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to contact us directly

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Remote Consultation

An appointment with one of our Health Professionals from the comfort of your own home

These consultations connect you with one of our Healthcare Professionals by a video call using our online portal. When you make the booking you'll receive a confirmation email with a link. At the time of your appointment click the link and you'll be connected for your video consultation. If you're new to the clinic you'll receive a consultation form via email to complete ahead of your appointment. These sessions are an ideal way for a therapist to review your pain, and provide clear management advice and strategies in the comfort of your own home. The session lasts around 30 minutes and is charged at £25